Jeff Sloan

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    Jeff Sloan did his undergraduate work in Geography at the University of Northern Iowa (1981-85) and continued graduate work at the University of Denver (1991-92).  He has worked as a cartographer in the Federal Government for 26 years beginning with the Defense Mapping Agency in San Antonio, TX.  In 1988, he transferred to the USGS in Denver, Colorado and has continued to work there to the present time.  In 2004-05 he completed a one-year detail at the Dept. of Homeland Security Operations Center and the Customs and Border Protection in Washington DC.  He is currently working at the USGS – Rocky Mountain Geographic Science Center in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Office as an operator of the AeroVironment Raven and Honeywell T-Hawk.  He also continues to investigate the uses of the imagery acquired from the unmanned systems for photogrammetric and remote sensing uses in the Dept. of Interior scientific applications and research.



    Policies & Regulations of Operations
    •National Air Space Integration
    •COA Success Stories – How they did it
    •Frequency Deconfliction & Management
    Modularity & Interoperability
    •Common Architectures
    •Payload Integrations

    •Levels of Autonomy
    •Autonomy, Navigation, Sense & Avoid
    •Multi-Aircraft Control & Swarming

    UAS Applications
    •Coastal & Environmental
    •Police and Security

    R&D of Future UAS
    •Synergistic Materials
    •Morphing Structures
    •Multi-Aircraft Control & Swarming
    •Propulsion via Biofuels & Heavy Fuels

    Flight Demonstrations